Country Duo Minor Glance from Shropshire, UK who put their heart and soul into what they love, Country music. Their catchy hooks and exciting sounds are delivered with passion and received with open arms to all that listen and embrace the emotion and messages put across in their songs. With mesmerising live performances stunning vocal lines and jaw dropping guitar playing, it's easy to see why Minor Glance are quickly becoming a favourite to roll out of Shropshire.

Craig's Background

Craig love's Country to the core. He started listening to Country music after watching the film "Smokey & the Bandit" and hearing Jerry Reed's infamous "East bound and down" "I love that film and still do to this day. I even wrote a song about it" In the nineties he got caught up in the whole Britpop thing, which is what got him into playing guitar, but we forgive him. Country music has been his main Genre of music now for years and rarely listens to anything else. His influences are artists like, Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, Waylon Jennings, Gary Allan, Aaron Watson, Jerry Reed, Wille Nelson. The list is very long and continues to grow.

Richard's Background

Richard's introduction to Country music was a little different. It was actually Craig that started him along the great path a few years ago when he played him a few Brad Paisley tracks. Since then Rich has found himself sorting out, listening and loving more and more Country artists. "It's been a real snowball effect. I listened to Brad and then would look up similar artists and start listening to them, and then I would look for similar artists relating to them. I find myself discovering amazing music constantly." Richard learnt the guitar as a rock music fan, however the introduction to Country music was a real change in his usual playing style. He took to it with ease and loves any chance he can get to play guitar. His influences are Brad Paisley, Darius Rucker, Ward Thomas, The Shires, Brent Mason, Florida Georgia Line, Zac Brown Band and more, another list that continues to grow.